We hope you had fun at the 2022 OHCA Ghostly Gathering!

Here are the results of the costume contest.

Newborn – 1-year old

  1. Mila Wise as a pink flamingo
  2. Isabel Doll as a ladybug

2- and 3-year old

  1. Remy Bateman as Red
  2. Austin Adams as Sully
  3. Juliette D’Elia as a dragon

4- and 5-year old

  1. Maxton Warren as a pirate
  2. Blake Mullins as a werewolf
  3. Rayen Hamdy as Wonder Woman

6- and 7-year old

  1. Desmond Sandstrom as Harry Potter
  2. Margaret Hindes as Maleficent
  3. Angus Brock as Pennywise the clown

8- and 9-year old

  1. Adrian Gella as a traffic cone
  2. James Roe as Darth Vader
  3. Greta Bibo as Anna of Green Gables

10- to 12-year old

  1. Claire Bibo as a lumberjack
  2. Oliver Nelson as The Rake
  3. Jackie Nicora as an artist
  4. Charlie Abel as Bendy

13 and over

  1. Tim Bibo as Willie Nelson
  2. Tommy Bullough as a taco
  3. Julie DeHoff as the Pink Lady

Congratulations to all the winners!

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