Updates on Scheduled Baltimore County Council Legislative Sessions

Due to ongoing discussions regarding the 2030 Master Plan, dates were changed for review of both the Master Plan and Bill 3-24 Mixed Use Development. See the updates in the list below:

2030 Master Plan schedule:

  • Work Session – 02-13-2024 (discussion of the 2030 Master Plan)
  • Legislative Session – 02-20-2024 (vote on the 2030 Master Plan)

Bill 3-24 Mixed-Use Development

  • Work Session – 02-27-2024 (discussion of Bill 3-24 Mixed-Use Development)
  • Legislative Session – 03-04-2024 (vote on Bill 3-24 Mixed-Use Development)

The link to virtually participate in these meetings is: https://www.baltimorecountymd.gov/countycouncil/virtualmeetings.html   

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