We, the Orchard Hills Community Association (OHCA), would like to bring your attention to a zoning issue (CZMP Issue #3-024) that will directly impact our community. Below, you will find a brief summary of the proposed changes, some information from the Association as to why we are opposed to these changes, and our ask of all of you, as community residents, to write to the Department of Planning voicing your opinion.

What is the issue?

The property owner of 1200 York Road (originally 2 Cavan Drive) is petitioning Baltimore County to change the property zoning from a residential address (DR5.5[Density Residential; 5.5 units /acre]) to a Business Local (BL)zoning. The property owner is also the owner of 1202 York Road and is petitioning to change the property zoning from Residential Office (RO) to BL. The property owner would like to combine 1200 York Road (originally 2 Cavan Drive) and 1202 York Road into one property and according to the justification on the petition, build a small retail center and associated parking on the site.

Zoning of other Businesses Near Orchard Hills

The majority of the businesses along York Road that abut our community are zoned RO. This zoning permit is designed to provide a transition from residential to non residential property in an attempt to maintain the residential nature of the community and reduce the impact on neighboring homes.

A BL zoned property is generally used for retail sales, personal service, restaurants, banks, offices or medical clinics. These are not businesses that we would like to have at entrances of our neighborhood and adjacent to homes in our community.

What’s Next?

Through January 31,2024, Baltimore County Planning Staff is reviewing the zoning requests to provide their recommendations. During the month of February, the Planning Board holds public hearings for each district before they make their recommendations on each rezoning request. In June, the County Council will hold their own public hearings.

What can we do?

The OHCA has written a letter to the Department of Planning regarding CZMP Issue #3-024. We encourage our fellow residents to also write a brief letter to the Director of the Department of Planning.

Contact Information for Community Letters

On the Subject Line, please state CZMP Issue #3-024. Address letters to:

Mr. Stephen Lafferty, Director Department of Planning, The Jefferson Building, Suite 101 105 W. Chesapeake Avenue Towson MD 21204 Email: slafferty@baltimorecountymd.gov

People to put in copy:

Ms. Megan Benjamin, Department of Planning 3rd District Community Planner, mbenjamin@baltimorecountymd.gov

Mr. Wade Kach, 3rd District Councilman, council3@baltimorecountymd.gov

More Zoning Information

If you would like more information regarding the Zoning Process in Baltimore County you can access A Citizens Guide to Zoning

If you would like to look at the more information on this specific zoning issue you can access on the Comprehensive Rezoning (CZMP) . You will need to type in the address 2 Cavan Drive.

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